Abahsain Response To Farm Bill

Across Minnesota, CD7, and indeed the entire nation farmers and the communities that they support and are in turn supported by them are in danger of monumental detrimental impact if the farm bill expiring in 2023 is replaced by the Republican proposal to dismantle it. The Republican Study Group, which includes current CD7 Representative Michelle Fischbach, would ‘sever public nutrition programs, eradicate major farm support and slash federal support of crop insurance’. We must not allow this essential package of legislation to be torn apart. Our farmers, our families and our nation depends on keeping the farm bill intact as it has been for decades. As your Representative, I would vote to renew the farm bill, To demolish it is unthinkable and irresponsible. Only a feckless partisan hack beholden to the far right wing extremists espousing austerity measures designed to decimate the hard working citizens across Minnesota and the rest of the country would espouse a bill that will hurt the very population that she was elected to represent. Michelle Fishbach is NOT representing the best interests of the citizens of CD7.

For more information, read the article published by Agriculture.com.