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The Fall of Roe

What has happened this past week after the Supreme Court ruled out federal protection of reproductive options for women, was not about choice, nor was it about life. It was the first salvo of a brutal attempt to take away our personal rights and personal freedoms. The majority court opinion was based on, not on settled law, but the personal religious beliefs of those justices and a minority of Americans. This was an attack on the privacy of our wombs, and when and how we start our families. It is a hollow argument that it is more constitutionally correct to turn the decision to outlaw or protect reproductive health care to the states. If weight is given to the beliefs of individual voters, then it follows that it is MOST constitutionally correct to give that decision to the individuals seeking that care. And that decision has just been taken away in many, many states, endangering the lives of women.

As your congressional representative for MN District 7 I will fight for our right as Americans to conduct our lives according to our individual beliefs and will refute the overthrow of our rights by any assertion of religious doctrine. To do otherwise is an assault against the American way of life, American democracy, and our right to Iife, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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